Solving the Zoom crisis

We’ve all heard it – “during the Covid-19 pandemic, our business has had to pivot…” The only phrase we hear more than that is “now more than ever.” But while we all like to discuss our successes, it is more difficult to discuss the challenges in getting there. 

Obviously, physical meetings and events did not occur during the past year. That led businesses and organizations to switch to Zoom or a competitor to try to replace what is done in person. Among many others, one of the biggest problems we have seen people complain about, is too many Zooms! Birthday Zooms, meeting Zooms, after work happy hour Zooms, Zooms that could have been an email, and so many other Zooms. This “Zoom Fatigue” as we have heard it called, can make it difficult for businesses to make THEIR Zooms a priority, leading to lower attendance at events, lessened interest, and just plain old forgetting a Zoom every once in a while! Covid has borne a whole new suite of problems for business, with some struggling for direction on how to solve them. That is why we decided to help.

Evant is a service that takes the stress out of reminders. With our SMS sign ups, we send reminders for businesses, so they don’t have to. People can opt in to the texting service to inquire, sign up and receive reminders for events, meetings, etc. A business can also put their already built listserv into our service, sending texts for specific events to all of their members. 
Our service is proven to increase attendance, curb forgetfulness, and grow membership. Current users have reported that they have seen their RSVPs increase by 87% and their overall engagement increase by 40%. All of this is good news, but reminders are simply the beginning of engaging with your community over Evant. We have the ability to send out post-attendance surveys, advertise events, collect payments, and anything else a business requires to keep afloat during these tumultuous times. We love feedback, and can discuss new facets of our product with all who are interested! Just email to get started. See you on another Zoom!